The Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in 1937 so it has plenty of used autos offered for sale. There are many advantages to buying a certified used vehicle from the car dealerships. These autos are well made to start with so the used cars have many years of life left in them. The Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) program got its start in 1996. The program has proved to be hugely popular among the car-buying public. To date, over 3 million used cars have been sold and counting. You can get a top-quality, low mileage Toyota vehicle at a great price.

Certification Eligibility
The used car certification process keeps the customer in mind at all times. Each auto that may be eligible for certification can be 6 year old models up to and including the current model year. Plus the odometer reading cannot be over 85,000 miles. A vehicle’s CARFAX history report is obtained and reviewed to make sure that only the best vehicles are eligible to receive the Certified Seal of approval. This is the next best thing to buying a brand new car, and it costs a lot less too.

Reconditioned Autos Are Just Like New
If you are searching for a second hand auto that feels like a new one, you should visit car dealerships that feature the Certified Used Vehicle program. This program ensures that you are getting a quality vehicle sure to last for many more years. All used cars in this program are thoroughly inspected by experienced technicians who are factory trained to know the vehicles inside and out. The technicians make sure that the autos are totally reconditioned to look and drive just like a new vehicle.

Certified Used Vehicles Program Advantages
There are many advantages to using the Certified Used Vehicles program. A remarkable coverage policy comes with all certified used cars. A Limited Comprehensive Warranty that covers 12-month/12,000-miles is included. There is also a Limited Powertrain Warranty good for 7-years or 100,000 miles. You will also receive one full year of Roadside Assistance that is honored at over 1,400 dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Certified customers are able to get financing rates that are usually reserved for new car financing.

Certification Process
The 160-Point Inspection is only available at Toyota car dealerships. To be a Certified Used Vehicle, the automobile must pass the intensive 160-point Quality Assurance Inspection. This includes detailing, mechanical, and appearance standards. The technicians fix any needed repairs before labeling the car as certified. Many categories are inspected. These include the Audio & Alarm Systems, the Battery System, the Braking System, Emissions & State Inspection, Engine Compartment, Engine Coolant & HVAC System, Frame, Structure & Underbody, Instrument Panel & Electronic Systems, Tires & Suspension System, Instrument Panel & Electronic Systems, and a whole lot more.