A well known fact about the American real estate system is that real estate prices are constantly rising. This fact has become so ingrained into the collective mind of the country that many families are ridding themselves of the traditional mortgage in favor of a renovated RV (a fact which has also caused RV sales to skyrocket recently). While many people may initially regard a move into an RV as a drastic move, the benefits of the move have convinced a large portion of 22- 35 year old couples. Here are 8 reasons to ditch your pricey mortgage and make a new home in your RV.

1. Save money and build real wealth.

The most obvious reason to trade your mortgage for an RV move is to save the monthly mortgage payments. While most Americans pay more than $1000 for home payments, those who live in RVS pay little to nothing in monthly payments.

2. Become a minimalist.

RV living also lends itself to the minimalist lifestyle by forcing occupants to eliminate unnecessary belongings. Because minimalism promotes gratitude, self reflection, and more positive social engagement, this aspect of RV living is beneficial to many families.

3. Build stronger family relationships.

RV living can also help to develop stronger and more intimate family relationships. While typical American houses can promote individualism and isolation, RV living promotes integrated living and close family ties.

4. Integrate non traditional values into family systems.

RV living can also promote the establishment of values that are no longer traditional, like assisted living and integrative family support.

5. Become self sustained.

Families who live in RVs also report a greater capacity for sustainable living. Be sure to ask RV dealers about the process of purchasing RV trailers to use for the development of sustainable water and food sources.

6. Raise children without interruption.

The transition from a traditional home to an RV can also support the rearing of children in a wholesome fashion. Without the interruption of gadgets, devices, and electronics, children can often gain better clarity and focus.

7. Create a healthier lifestyle.

Self sustaining methods like gardening and waste management (which are often necessary to RV owners) can promote the establishment of healthy routines and eating habits. Families who live in RVs are reportedly 20 times more likely to maintain a vegetable based diet that their counterparts in traditional housing.

8. Devote your life to travel.

RV living also lends itself to frequent traveling. If you would enjoy a life on the road with your family, RV living may be a perfect housing option for your family.

Locating an RV for sale once you’re sure about making the move can be a lengthy process. Those seeking to transition to an RV should allow 6 months to a year to find, purchase, and move into their new home.┬áThere is a lot of useful information available at the Lovesick Lake RV Sales website.