4 Top Fuel-Efficient Toyota Automobiles

If fuel efficiency is a primary quality in the used cars you buy, set your interest on the Toyota brand. Although this car manufacturer offers low-cost vehicles, focus isn’t lost on quality and every Toyota vehicle is built with style, durability, and safety in mind. Below, learn four of the best fuel-efficient Toyota automobiles being sold at car dealerships today.

1. Prius

Four trim levels of the Prius give each driver options. A solar roof is standard on each Prius model, and the price tag is very low. Drivers of the Prius are treated to exceptional fuel mileage in this vehicle. The car earns 50 MPG combined fuel efficient, 48 mpg city mileage and 55 mpg highway mileage. Yes, you read those numbers right. If you want to forget about expensive fuel costs, this may very well be the used cars that help make that a realistic possibility.

2. Rav4

The crossover SUV started when the Rav4 was released, which occurred first in Europe and Japan in 1994, and then in the U.S. in 1995. The four-wheel drive SUV provides comfort, visibility, spacious cargo room, and great handling behind the 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder, 176-HP engine. But, fuel efficiency isn’t forgotten with the Rav4, and it might surprise you to learn just what the Rav4 can deliver. 23-mpg city/29 mpg highway and a combined mpg of 25 make the Rav4 one of the most fuel-efficient SUV’s out there today.

3. Camry

Since it’s 1982 introduction, the Camry has been a car that drivers love. It’s practical yet sporty style, amazing features and amenities, and the fuel efficiency are among the features that people love about the Camry. It’s available in several trim levels and a hybrid model so all drivers can find the exact Camry to meet their needs. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, the Camry doesn’t disappoint, no matter which of the two engine choices you select.

4. Yaris

The Yaris is another vehicle that brings you tons of features and amenities as well as superb fuel efficiency. The Yaris has a unique design that sets it apart from the competition, a low starting price, and a estimated fuel efficiency of 30 MPG city/35 MPG highway mileage. The Yaris is a vehicle you’ll feel comfortable driving and since you can forgo many of those fuel-ups at the gas station, you can take yourself somewhere nice to enjoy those special feelings.